About Us

We started this adventure in 2000.

Our work is all about colours and composition.

Most of the photographs have been taken with a Pentax 67II medium format camera and 120 Fuji Velvia film to give this distinctive quality of image and colours. Most recent work is done with a Nikon D810 digital camera.

The collection is available on satin paper and canvas but also clear or white backing acrylic on request and aluminium.

Larger sizes on canvas available. for more details please contact us.

These images works particularly well as sets of 4, 5 or 6  panels hang on a wall. They can create a unique feeling according to your taste.

Our locations:

Closed down now

List of clients:


dental practice in St John's Wood, London.

Mitsui & Co Europe Plc.

The Frontier Medical Group.

The English National Ballet.

West Middlesex University Hospital for their Maternity Unit.

RP Dental Practice in Belsize Park, London

Ian Walker & Co.

If you feel the need for something refreshing on your wall, we do think you are in the right place! We invite you to browse through our galleries and see if there's anything that will match your taste!

Fabrice Jouët Photographs



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